No such thing as a silly question.

How do I assemble my herdesk?

Great question! We’ve put together a step-by-step video here to help guide you. Click on the description for a written guide and what’s included in your order.

My desk has a scratch or needs a little touch up paint.

Head to your local Home Depot and ask for a sample of your paint color. 

Ask for Benjamin Moore paint sample of - White Heron, Thunder or First Light

I can see parts of the wood under the paint. 

This is natural! :) Your desk has been primed and painted, but it’s natural to see the Baltic Birch plywood show through slightly. 

The wireless charger isn’t working.

We’ve tested the charger with both iPhone and Androids and with phone cases on and off. Depending on the width of your case, you might need to remove it to charge properly.

Make sure you set your device on the herdesk logo and slowly adjust based on where you see the best charge. (Ensure the charger cord is plugged into the USB outlet in your power strip) 

How do I take care of my whiteboard top? GREAT question.

We use a very high quality whiteboard paint, IdeaPaint. View their recommended instructions here on keeping your whiteboard top desk looking fab!