From the Founder:

Hey there!

Prior to COVID, I was using a cheaply-made desk that came broken. There was no functionality besides setting things on the top. 

I thought about all the daily actions I take while working...from using my phone constantly to writing on endless post-it notes. My desk ended up a HOT mess every day. 

There had to be a better solution. 

When I searched online, I couldn’t find anything designed by a female-entrepreneur + made in the U.S + that was beautifully designed and functional. 

So I decided to create a new kind of desk - herdesk. 

All the features come directly from my own needs and wants of a desk.  

herdesk is a love letter to those who seek to change their relationship with work and create a comfortable + productive space that you enjoy.

I hope you love this desk as much as I do! 

Dana Bakich, Founder and CEO

Our Mission: Provide functional, yet beautifully designed home office furniture and accessories to cultivate positive energy and creativity.

The herdesk Process:

Each year, Americans throw out more than 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Similar to fast fashion, fast furniture follows suit.

Most manufacturers have left the United States and cheapened materials because that’s what society has demanded. A quick low-cost solution. We’re not there yet, but we’re doing our part to work towards being 100% sustainable.