The Meaning Behind herdesk Handle Names

You might notice each herdesk handle has a unique name.

Sand = Brittany

Chestnut = Solana

Chocolate = Patricia

When I launched herdesk, I created a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen to help support the starting costs of the business. One of the rewards was, for a $500 investment you received the ability to name one of three handles after yourself or someone else.

Sarah, Brittany, and Andrick - I’m so honored and grateful for your support.

When you’re selecting the handles for your custom herdesk, know that there’s a greater story and meaning behind each one.

The Brittany - Sand

Brittany Driscoll is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Squeeze, a way better massage experience from the founders of Drybar. Prior to launching Squeeze, Brittany spent four years running marketing for Drybar where she helped take the company from $30M to over $100M.

As a female entrepreneur, Brittany has a strong passion for supporting other women in business and has become a thought-leader in her community.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Brittany and her husband Jack now reside in Nashville, TN where she plans to build Squeeze’s corporate office to support nationwide franchise growth.

The Solana - Chestnut

Sarah and Joey Solana are new residents of the enchanting state of New Mexico.

Sarah is a women's college graduate and has a long history of supporting women in business. In her spare time, she is a mentor to women in business and offers free career and resume advice. 

Joey is an Aerospace Engineer who helps create solar panels for leading space companies such as NASA, SpaceX,  Ball Aerospace and KARI.

Together, supporting herdesk was natural. "Dana is a phenomenal person. So, supporting her success with a very functional and mission-driven business was a no brainer!" 

Fun Fact: Sarah and Dana went to high school together in Sarasota, Florida at Booker High School. Go Tornadoes!

The Patricia - Chocolate

Andrick and Dana met in college at the University of Central Florida. Andrick and Dana were both extremely active on campus from SGA to participating in UCF’s largest student-run philanthropy, Knight-Thon.

Andrick named the chocolate handle after his mom, Patricia.

“My mom is a strong and independent woman who has never been afraid to navigate the world on her own. However, my mom’s desk isn’t a desk; it is a workbench in a nuclear power plant. I look up to her as a modern day Rosie the Riveter.

Having seen her strength when taking on all of life’s challenges, she inspires me daily.

I hope when you use the beautiful chocolate handle named after her you are reminded of how strong you are when you work at your desk, herdesk.”