herdesk Owner’s Feature: Krista Stucchio

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Meet: Krista Stucchio

Occupation: Full-time social media manager/strategist at GoDaddy, small business owner (Krista Stucchio Photography) and founder of @hashtagfoodpic

Location: Hoboken, NJ

Inspirational Quote: My dad always said while growing up, “Confidence is only gained by doing.”

Any needs or ways you want to work with others: I love meeting new people and promoting small businesses. I was doing this well before I graduated or started working in the social/marketing world.

I’m always looking for new photo opportunities, whether it be photographing for restaurants and brands or events and engagements. I’m also interested in partnerships for my food and lifestyle page.

My Instagram (@hashtagfoodpic) started off as a place to document what I was cooking in college, and later expanded to trying new restaurants, photographing for them, letting my audience know the inside scoop, etc.

Now, I focus on food photography, restaurant experiences in town and while traveling, at-home cooking, and "lifestyle" (products I love outside of the food space, focusing on projects in my newly purchased home, discussing mental health and body image).